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What's a secondary IDE channel?

More pertinently, why does its failure keep my computer from working? I woke up to this very unpleasant message Sunday morning, and have been offline since then, and likely will continue so until I can stop playing phone tag with the service technician.

If you need to get a hold of me, a few of the ottawa_slashers gang have my number.

Life without computer is too strange for words. I'm reading, like, paper books. How weird is that?
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Writing Year in Review

A bunch of folks over at thedailywriter are doing these to kick off the new writing year. My achievements in creative writing during 2008:
  • I drafted about 200 000 words of fiction.
    • Half was original fantasy fiction for my NaNoWriMo novel, which has the kernel, I think, of a good book.
    • The rest was split between the beginnings of three fanfics: a Dark Angel, a Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover, and a J-Squared story.
  • I posted two short ficlets, one for Dark Angel and one for Buffy.
  • I learned that the story element that I refuse from the start to have anything to do with will turn out to be the crucial element that I have to write to make the story work.
  • I wrote the most emotionally naked scene I've ever done.
  • I wrote RPF, which a year ago I wouldn't even read.
  • I wrote furry, even though it wigged me out.
That's a much longer list than I expected. And boy, howdy, was it ever hard to stick to positives.

ETA: How did I forget the Giles/RayK bodyswap? That one MUST BE FINISHED.
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Fic: missing u

Title: missing u
Author: Diurnal Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Genre: Pre-slash, epistolary
Rating: Teen readers
Warnings: Strong language, mature concepts
Word Count: 1950
Spoilers: Angel Season 5
Summary: After Harm's Way, Spike returns to L.A. with a mission--one that unfortunately involves Xander.
Notes: Part of the btvs_santa 2008 gift exchange for whyskeyeyes who wanted Spander with a happy ending. I

Spike checked the window . . .
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DA Fic: Dirty Job

I'm consolidating my fics in one spot, so you'll be seeing reposts like this one over the next few weeks.

Title: Dirty Job
Author: Diurnal Lee
Fandom: Dark Angel
Genre: Gen
Rating: Teen readers
Warnings: Strong language, gore
Word Count: 500
Spoilers: Post-Freak Nation
Summary: Logan catches Alec doing something unexpected.
Notes: Written for the Hodgepodge Challenge at otw_onlinecon using the prompt: Alec and/or Logan, protective impulses

Command was hopping . . .

old broken link
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What Is Evil?

A few days ago, njc2007 talked about an answer than sprang, fully formed, visciously drawn, and passionlessly delivered, to her lips in response to an ethical question. I know I've answered questions before without conscious processing or formulation of the answers, but I think never in the articulate way she described. My unconscious answers tend to be either very metaphorical, wandering attempts to attach words to non-concrete thoughts, or else abrupt single-word labels that conceal way more than they reveal.

One of the latter was my response to the question, "What is evil?"

"Neglect," I answered, then promptly started to question that, trying to think it through logically, which of course doesn't work well with this kind of bone-deep knowing. On the surface, something like murder--which qualifies as an evil act in my worldview--doesn't seem very neglectful, at least not in the way that we commonly define neglect.

I've had a couple of years to pick at it, though, and the belief remains rock-solid. Evil == Neglect. I think where it comes from is my deeper belief that we, as sentient components of the universe, bear a responsibility for the choices that we make with respect to the universe and its other components. It's the mindful abrogation of that responsibility that qualifies as neglect for me.

By this definition, I commit evil a lot. And people wonder why I'm so hard on myself.

What is evil to you?
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Working Around the Transit Strike

I've arranged for the use of a car during my house sitting stint, but I'd still like to carpool whenever possible to minimize my traffic and greenhouse gas contribution. Starting next week, I'll be commuting from Rockcliffe Park to the Merivale/Colonnade area. If you know of anyone who overlaps that commute, I'd like to get in touch with them, please.

(With apologies for cluttering your flists with minutiae.)
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Fangirling Is Fun

I have so much fun at the ottawa_slashers meet-ups that I look forward to them for weeks, and tend to linger for hours on the day. I walked for two hours to get to today's, and it was so very worth it.

Today's group was small, but the conversation was busy, with so many recs flying about that I can barely remember them after the fact. And we talked about doing something like write-ins for an assortment of fanworks media, which will be SO COOL.

And I've just noticed that I failed to post on Friday. How did that happen? Dear brain, your swiss cheese impersonation impresses no one.

Still no progress on my exchange fic, though thanks to an excellent suggestion from njc2007, I've rewatched some Buffy episodes in the last two day. Here's hoping it helps!
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Character Laryngitis

I took a first stab at my BtVS holiday exchange fic this morning, and I failed utterly. I've lost the characters voices. What happened? I know these characters. I used to do them okay. I even thought I was pretty darned good at the POV character's voice. Sure it's been a couple of years since I read or wrote much in the fandom, but I wasn't expecting them to just pfft! vanish away.

I lost my actual voice a little over a year ago during a nasty bout of the flu. The laryngitis lasted more than a week, and was frustrating and amusing by turns. I'm still waiting for the funny to appear in my current predicament.

Actually, now that I think about it, all my writing lately seems weirdly stiff to me. Ugh.