Diurnal Lee (diurnal_lee) wrote,
Diurnal Lee

Fangirling Is Fun

I have so much fun at the ottawa_slashers meet-ups that I look forward to them for weeks, and tend to linger for hours on the day. I walked for two hours to get to today's, and it was so very worth it.

Today's group was small, but the conversation was busy, with so many recs flying about that I can barely remember them after the fact. And we talked about doing something like write-ins for an assortment of fanworks media, which will be SO COOL.

And I've just noticed that I failed to post on Friday. How did that happen? Dear brain, your swiss cheese impersonation impresses no one.

Still no progress on my exchange fic, though thanks to an excellent suggestion from njc2007, I've rewatched some Buffy episodes in the last two day. Here's hoping it helps!

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