Diurnal Lee (diurnal_lee) wrote,
Diurnal Lee

Writing Year in Review

A bunch of folks over at thedailywriter are doing these to kick off the new writing year. My achievements in creative writing during 2008:
  • I drafted about 200 000 words of fiction.
    • Half was original fantasy fiction for my NaNoWriMo novel, which has the kernel, I think, of a good book.
    • The rest was split between the beginnings of three fanfics: a Dark Angel, a Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover, and a J-Squared story.
  • I posted two short ficlets, one for Dark Angel and one for Buffy.
  • I learned that the story element that I refuse from the start to have anything to do with will turn out to be the crucial element that I have to write to make the story work.
  • I wrote the most emotionally naked scene I've ever done.
  • I wrote RPF, which a year ago I wouldn't even read.
  • I wrote furry, even though it wigged me out.
That's a much longer list than I expected. And boy, howdy, was it ever hard to stick to positives.

ETA: How did I forget the Giles/RayK bodyswap? That one MUST BE FINISHED.
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